Monday, August 30, 2010

Just some fun things we've been working on...

We at RCR love Netflix! We don't love losing those DVD's or envelopes behind the TV. So, Ralph designed this "oh so fancy, fab, hip and groovy" holder to wrangle those pesky wheels o' plastic. Available on ETSY! Please note that the holder you receive will say "FLIX". We're not trying to get sued.
Got a bistro, art studio, patio, or other place that ends in "O"? Ooooh, have we something for you! Introducing, our new tre' elegant burlacious table collection. Built plenty tough like a fresh pair o Ben's! Legs are constructed of 1/2" mild steel. The top is a mixture of stainless steel and our own special brew of trippy, drippy resin! The result is a very tough, very custom, yet very manageable table, that stands here at bistro height of about 30". This mesa de awesomeness is available as you see here in quite a few colors, with or without the condiment/supply corral(removable food grade, stainless pizza stand can be purchased separately). Can also be ordered in cabaret height at 42" inches for da' club! Check em now at ETSY!

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